Dear Dad is about the special relationships between fathers and daughters told through a series of letters from women to their fathers, and the author’s own recollections. There are also a number of TV celebrity interviews about their relationships with their fathers, together with some poems.

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With strong themes of affection, hope and forgiveness, the author hopes to give fathers, stepfathers or indeed any father figure a unique opportunity to see behind the eyes of their daughters and also to highlight the importance of a father figure in a woman’s life.

Virginia McFeeley
About the Author

Virginia was born and grew up in the north side of Dublin, the youngest of eight children...
class Catholic family where, not surprisingly, both money and the room to have one's own space were scarce.

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A forum for you to share your feeling and thoughts. I would be honoured to receive further letters or poems and your comments about the book from both Fathers and Daughters.

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The Dear Dad Book…

Despite the special bond that is common between father and daughter, all too often the true nature of that bond remains unexpressed. Sadly some women never take the opportunity to tell their dads just how they feel; many of the letters in this book were written after the father’s death.

The book has been written to inspire both daughters and fathers to share their feelings with one another while they can – be they feelings of gratitude, love or resentment. It may help to bridge that sometimes inevitable gap between a father and a daughter. At the same time, much of what is said will resonate and it is an emotional read, both happy and sad, filled with stories that we can all identify with.

Dear Dad was inspired by a conversation between the author and a male friend who felt he was losing touch with his daughter. Just as it will encourage daughters to speak more often and more candidly with their fathers, so it will also help fathers to open up to their daughters. The book’s breadth of appeal is also strengthened by the fact that the letters in it have been written by women from a wide variety of ages and cultural backgrounds. This also means that it deals with a range of issues, from domestic violence to adjusting to life in another country.

Each chapter begins with a short introduction from the author, who tells a little of her own story, focusing on different aspects of her relationship with her father. The frequent changes in pace, from narrative to letter, to poem, to interview, make the book easy to read. The letters, poems and interviews chime with the theme at the beginning of the chapter.

Many of the contributors to this book hadn’t communicated in this way, particularly if their relationship had been a difficult one. Writing letters can be incredibly healing, feel free to write your own Dear Dad letter and add it to the Dear Dad community page.

If as a father you have enjoyed reading Dear Dad and feel inspired to write a letter or a poem to your daughter Virginia would welcome your contribution for her next book.
If you wish to contribute please contact Virginia to express your interest or send your letter to